Raising the bar

B2B / Corporate / Ecommerce website

Designed and built by Natural Graphic, the fourth iteration of the creativebrief website is an advanced, self-publishing platform, enabling companies to accurately find and brief the right creative partners.

Having built the third version of the creativebrief website, and worked on the second, we were called upon to help creativebrief take things to the next level.

As well as a home for their own corporate info, the website features a database of the UK's top agencies, all presenting their best case studies, key contacts, company information, feeds from their social network, and very latest work in progress.

Agencies have a host of new and sophisticated tools at their fingertips to enable them to build and publish a set of profile pages, and showcase their case studies in a highly customisable layout.

While clients have the opportunity to contact agencies anonymously, and brief agencies directly through the creativebrief website. Aided by the ability to create and manage brief lists and favourites, and the use of a tailored search engine designed to match clients to their ideal creative partner as efficiently as possible.

With an extensive content management system, the website also features bespoke statistics and reporting, integrated blog, online payments, messaging, marketing tools, and more...


Again they just keep stepping up their game to get the results that we want!

Natural Graphic has enabled us to deliver a much more efficient and effective service that benefits our members both clients and agencies as well as the marketing industry as a whole.

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